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Bricks and Bones

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Bricks & Bones comes from a woman on a journey to control her rage, instead of being consumed by it, and letting it destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. It’s not simply being “mad” about something anyone did; it’s a wire that gets tripped and rips open her monster’s cage. If she starts to heat up, grab her a cold beverage, towel, icepack, etc. She’ll cool off if you catch it right away. Do not show fear, do not tell her to calm down. BE calm. She’s working on it.


Bricks & Bones

I built my house of bricks and bones
I cut my teeth on sticks and stones
I’ll always be this beast before you now
I change and grow, but stay the same
I mend my heart, but keep the shame
I’ll never be what you think you see now
Oh heaven help you
You woke the spirit up (x2)
Let me calm down

If I begin to radiate heat
Put me on ice to keep the peace
Or we’ll pay the price
I could burn this whole place down
Oh heaven help you
Oh heaven help me
I feel just like a broken mirror
Can’t see the shards til they cut your feet

I’ll throw away your sticks and stones
I’ll rip apart these bricks and bones right now
Oh heaven (x2)
Oh heaven help me
You woke the spirit up (x3)
I’ll calm down (x2)